Course curriculum

  • 1

    Why You Need Cryptocurrency Investment

    • Is Cryptocurrency a Reliable Investment?

    • What Rate of Return Does Crypto Investments Offer?

    • Why is Cryptocurrency so Popular?

    • How Liquid is the Crypto Market?

  • 2

    Understanding Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin And Altcoin

    • What is Cryptocurrency?

    • What Are the Different Classes of Crypto?

    • What Was the First Cryptocurrency Created if Not Bitcoin?

    • What is Ethereum And Why is it Popular Among Altcoins

    • What is the Difference Between Crypto Coin And Token?

  • 3

    Potential Investment Risks And How to Avoid Them

    • Hacking And How to Keep Safe From Hackers

    • Rug Pull, What it is And How You Can Avoid it

    • Market Prediction Risks, How to Do Things Differently

    • Volatility And Bearish Market, Ways to Guard Against Them

  • 4

    Understanding Blockchain And its Benefits

    • What is Blockchain Technology?

    • How is Blockchain Applied in Cryptocurrency?

    • How Does Blockchain Integrate Crypto and Finance?

  • 5

    What to Look Out For in Crypto Investment

    • Investments With The Highest ROI And Safety

    • Blockchain Generation, Newer is Better

    • Project Supply Condition, Whether Limited or Unlimited

    • Are There Hidden Charges, or High Transaction Cost

  • 6

    Guide to Creating Better Investment Portfolio

    • What is an Investment Portfolio?

    • How to Create a Profitable Crypto Investment Portfolio

    • How Much of the Top Crypto Should be in Your Portfolio?

    • How Much Investment You Should be in Altcoin And Why?

    • Investment Mix And How to Maximize Profit

    • How to Control Investment Without Third Party Interference

  • 7

    Highly Profitable Cryptocurrency Investment Options

    • What are the Best Crypto Investment Options?

    • How to Identify a Profitable Investment

    • How to Analyze Crypto Investment Profitability

    • How to Analyze Crypto Investment Profitability

  • 8

    Defi Investment And Yield Farming

    • Understanding Decentralized Finance

    • Introduction to Yield Farming

    • Major Risks Associated With Yield Farming

    • Most Profitable Defi Pools

    • How to Make the Best Investment in Yield Farming

    • To Stake or Yield Farm

  • 9

    ICO Investments, What to Look Out For

    • Basic Understanding of ICO

    • How to Find Genuine ICOs

    • How to Avoid ICOs Scam

  • 10

    Understanding NFTs Crypto, Why They Are Popular, What Class of Investment They Are

    • Understanding Non-Fungible Tokes, NFTs

    • Why NFTs Are Popular

    • What Type of Investment Are They?

    • What Category of NFTs to Invest

    • What Percentage of a Portfolio Should be NFTs

  • 11

    How to Identify And Avoid Crypto Investment Scams

    • What is a Scam in Relation to Crypto Investment?

    • Different Faces of Crypto Scam

    • How to Scam-Proof An Investment Opportunity

    • How to Guard Against Scams

  • 12

    Cryptocurrency Safety And Storage

    • Understanding Crypto Storage Systems

    • How to Safe-Keep Crypto Funds, Exchanges or Private Storage?

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